Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Top Tips For My Next Micro-drama

The first micro-drama has taught me that it is very difficult to film a variety of shots in such a short space of  time so i know now to get organized and make sure my call sheets and storyboards are ready before shooting.

1.  Have a storyboard and a call sheet ready before you start shooting. This will save time!
2. Film the same scene from more than one angle, this gives you a variety of shots to choose from when it comes to editing.
3. Work on the sound and make sure you re-edit the noise in order for the vocals and dialogue to be heard clearly.
4. Try to use a variety of locations which will set the scene appropriately.
5. Consider what the micro drama entitles
6. Use more variations when it comes to shots and angles with characters.
7. Press the record button and count down from 3 so it gives the actors time to get ready.

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