Monday, 31 January 2011


Lori Campbell (Freddy VS. Jason)

For the casting we have related it too Freddy VS. Jason, all three girls in the film can really relate to the characteristics to the girls i'm wanting to portray in my own film

Rachel Harrison (17)

 We have chosen Rachel because she can relate to Lori Campbell who is the Final girl in Freddy VS. Jason. Lori Campbell has been portaryed as the 'Final girl' but she is blonde which is unusal as the sterereotypical blonde is a the usual 'Scream Queen' who is usually one of the first to get killed off in the film, reasons for this is because they have sinned, usually sexual reasons.
But Lori Campbell is one of the final characters to experience all the actions throughout the film.

Kia Waterson                                                       

For the characters who are portraying the victims, we have used Melodie Abraham and Annie Cutillo. They are between the ages of 16-18 and we used them because they looked very similar to the original characters anyway. The girls are dressed in clothes that they wore the night before, this shows that they have been out the previous night obviously drinking so this is a reason for them to be some of the first victims to die. This storyline is very similar to Freddy Vs Jason. 

Katie & Hatti's Pre-lim

All - Mine and Ellie's editing version of 'The Opposites' Microdrama

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Our Initial Ident Idea

For our group indents, we have agreed on an idea for our production company.
- A darkened background.
- Lightening only focusing in the middle of the screen.
- The lower part of a face, mouth & chin
- Then coming forward towards the screen with a finger pressed against their mouth
saying shh.
Our productions will be called Secret productions.
We chose this because the basis of our film is an obsessed teenager with a secret, so it all fits in to the story.
We have not yet come up with a second Ident but will do shortly.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Story board 'No Hiding Place'

storyboard 1

storyboard 2

Cherry Falls (2000)

DirectorGeoffrey Wright
Box Office


 $14,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 £241,171 (UK) (27 August 2000) (106 Screens)


 £818,465 (UK) (10 September 2000

Directed By Geoffrey Wright, this story is based in a small town where there is a killer on the loose who is on the hunt for teenage virgins.

Cherry Falls is also another film included in the teen slasher genre. The film makes the teen age range stand out in the film through the clothing, Jody Marken (Brittany Murphy) wear's a lot of goth like clothing through out the film, which teenagers can relate to quickly and it is made obvious that like any other American High School, 'clicks' or groups as we know them as are shown e.g. Populars, Geeks and also Goths. Our film won't have a dress code that makes the characters stand our as they will be in casual clothing, but the two girls tied up, will be wearing dresses from the previous night, also the age of
the characters in Cherry Falls are similar to the characters in our film.

A difference with the film we are about the produce and Cherry Falls is 'The Killer', we're not making our killer obvious just creepy like how you would stereotype the typical stalker to be, but in Cherry Falls, the further into the film you get the more obvious the killer becomes more clear. I think they did this in the film so that we wonder who it is through a variety of 'suspects' they give you to choose from, and then you can see whether your right or wrong at the end of the film.

User Reviews

"Innocence is deadly!"

"Clever premise, being a twist on the classic slasher convention of sex=death, pays off in this dark and splendidly suspenseful shocker."

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Thursday, 6 January 2011


Director : Jon Wright
Box Office:


 £700,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 £284,757 (UK) (24 May 2009) (234 Screens)


 £284,757 (UK) (24 May 2009
In 2009 I completed Tormented, a teen horror comedy and my first feature film. It was released in 230 UK cinemas, the first British film under £1 million to get a “studio level” release. - Jon Wright

In 2009 on the 22nd May, the film Tormented was released, directed by Jon Wright the 87 minute comedy/horror is the perfect example for a teen slasher. The film bases itself around a bullied schoolboy who comes back from the dead to haunt ans get revenge on those who bullied him and made his last living days a life of hell.
The Cast of Tormented 
It all starts when the head girl of the school Justine(Middleton) gives a speech at the funeral of teenage schoolmate Darren Mullet(Dean) who has just committed suicide, but she never knew who he was. Soon after she is invited by Alexis(Leonidas) to accompany him at a party which is being thrown by his friend Bradley(Pettyfer), he is the popular one of the gang and he was the main culprit when it came to the bullying. Justine soon finds out that the reason why Ex schoolmate Darren killed himself because of Bradley and his gang, severely bullied him, this included Alexis. They finally realise that Darren is back for his revenge when a member of the gang is murdered nearly everyday. The hunt is now on for Darren to kill each and everyone of them until they pay their price.
Watching Tormented has helped me to see how teenagers would react in that situation. Its different to Eden Lake, because unlike Tormented, The teenagers are the killer, where as in Tormented, they are the ones getting killed.
Every Characters Uniform shows their personalities.
The clothing is also different between the two films, tormented is based in school, therefore a uniform is used, but to show each of the characters different personalities, the uniform is shown differently with each character to give the audience a clear idea of who each character is meant to be portraying, for example Tasha (April Pearson) is wearing throughout the film, revealing clothing like short skirts, low cut tops, and for her school uniform, there is a similarity, short skirt, shirt unbuttoned to show unnecessary cleavage, and loose tie, the perfect example of the stereotypical 'bad girl'.
For the boys in the film, Bradley( Alex Pettyfer) also has his own style, untucked shirt, loose tie,
everything you'd expect from the 'popular boy' in school.
Even out of their uniforms they each have a
'Label' or a stereotypical branded name.
Tasha may be called a "Slag" for her
revealing clothing.


“Wright directs with bags of energy, realising he is in direct competition with Twitter, texting, or whatever else his low attention span target audience are liable to do in the dark” — Sky Movies 

“Unnervingly tuned to today's teen audience... Lashings of teenage humour, winning characters, adrenaline-pumping thrills, and a bass-thumping soundtrack” — 

Filming Arrangements

Currently myself and Ellie are just looking up extra research to help us with our final piece. We have completed storyboards, but still have to complete the FINAL storyboard, we have already looked up research from clips on YouTube from Hurtwood Media School, and also watched two films Eden Lake and Tormented, they both involve the typical teen genre so this helps us for our film as our cast are all going to be teenagers.
I have recently borrowed Cherry Falls which once again is your typical teen slasher, I am currently reading "A new heritage of Horror" which is written by David Pirie, I'm only focusing on small sections which will help me with my final piece.
Both myself and Ellie have sorted out the cast, location and script. We have set a date for the filming of our final piece which will be over a weekend period from 15th jan-16th.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Eden Lake

Eden Lake (2008)
DirectorJames Watkins
Release date : 12th September 2008
Box office$5,824 (USA) (2 November 2008) (10 Screens)
                    £192,027 (UK) (14 September 2008) (184 Screens)

For my media coursework idea, I've included a teenage cast so to help me image how a teenager in a deathly situation would act I watched Eden Lake.
Eden Lake is a 91 minute crime/thriller which was directed by James Watkins, and was released on the 12th September 2008. It involves a couples weekend away turning into a manic, scary and relentless game of cat and mouse, involving a gang of loutish youths. There weekend is ruined when the gang disturb there campsite and start getting up to no good, they vandalize the couples car and steal there things. Primary school teacher Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and her boyfriend Steve (Micheal Fassbender) are now stranded, and once Steve confronts the teens about it, he is then viciously attacked, leaving Jenny to fend for herself and try to find her way own out of the woods knowing she has a group of teens after her.
Brett (Jack O'Connell) is the gang leader who seems to want to terrorise the couple even more once Steve kills his dog Bonnie. I used the character Brett as a good example for my pitch because I am using a disturbed teen in my film, I wanted to see how he was set out, how he made it clear that he was angry, happy, sad, annoyed, Jack O'Connell made these emotions very clear.
The shots used are slow paced for the romantic scenes, these are shown before the action happens, but once the action and the main storyline is in place the shots are a lot faster, and jump cuts are used repeatedly to increase the tension.
The Mise en Scene, is all based in the forest which is the typical scary location, this is both predictive to what the story will bring but nail bitingly scary.

User Reviews:

I highly recommend it, but not for the weak-hearted.

This is easily the finest pure horror movie since Switchblade Romance, and is absolutely not to be missed.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Coursework Pitch, "No Hiding Place"

For my film, "No Hiding Place" I was inspired by the films shown on YouTube, by Hurtwood Media School. I looked at a variety of films and mostly focused on the Shots, Camera angles and how the story had been told. I also watched Eden lake, this film provides plenty of violence and its gives you the " on the edge of your seat " effect, so because of this I took note of when these moments occurred and looked into what it was the film had done to make me feel that way.

The Storyline for my film includes a teenage boy and a girl, first shot shown in the living room of the house, and they casually talk about the night before, the girl then asks the boy what he thought happened to her friends last night , he merely replies "probably just stayed out", as she shrugs it off, she goes upstairs to use the toilet but walks into the wrong room. In this room she discovers pictures of herself, of her every move plastered on the wall.
She quietly get herself out of the house. (the location for the house is in the middle of no where, a typical farm house, this adds to the tension.) He calls her name, and she runs, hiding into a nearby barn, he carries on calling her name but sounding more frustrated each time.

Turning around she discovers her friends who went missing the night before, tied up, obviously unconscious. Running to help them, she hears the sounds of heavy breathing and footsteps coming towards the barn. She runs to hide, she is in tears, scared for her life. Her hand will be clasped over her mouth so she will give the effect and the tension that she cannot make a sound. He is now fiercely screaming her name, and it all then goes silent. Then next sound to be heard is the sound of a phone dialling a number, it will then go silent again.
Next all you hear is the sound of her phone calling on loud, and she panics trying to shut it up, but the last shot will be of him turning and smiling quoting " I knew you wouldn't hide from me" it will black out with a scream.

The Title "No Hiding Place" was a TV series in 1959 which continued until 1967, it was a crime/thriller.