Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Coursework Pitch, "No Hiding Place"

For my film, "No Hiding Place" I was inspired by the films shown on YouTube, by Hurtwood Media School. I looked at a variety of films and mostly focused on the Shots, Camera angles and how the story had been told. I also watched Eden lake, this film provides plenty of violence and its gives you the " on the edge of your seat " effect, so because of this I took note of when these moments occurred and looked into what it was the film had done to make me feel that way.

The Storyline for my film includes a teenage boy and a girl, first shot shown in the living room of the house, and they casually talk about the night before, the girl then asks the boy what he thought happened to her friends last night , he merely replies "probably just stayed out", as she shrugs it off, she goes upstairs to use the toilet but walks into the wrong room. In this room she discovers pictures of herself, of her every move plastered on the wall.
She quietly get herself out of the house. (the location for the house is in the middle of no where, a typical farm house, this adds to the tension.) He calls her name, and she runs, hiding into a nearby barn, he carries on calling her name but sounding more frustrated each time.

Turning around she discovers her friends who went missing the night before, tied up, obviously unconscious. Running to help them, she hears the sounds of heavy breathing and footsteps coming towards the barn. She runs to hide, she is in tears, scared for her life. Her hand will be clasped over her mouth so she will give the effect and the tension that she cannot make a sound. He is now fiercely screaming her name, and it all then goes silent. Then next sound to be heard is the sound of a phone dialling a number, it will then go silent again.
Next all you hear is the sound of her phone calling on loud, and she panics trying to shut it up, but the last shot will be of him turning and smiling quoting " I knew you wouldn't hide from me" it will black out with a scream.

The Title "No Hiding Place" was a TV series in 1959 which continued until 1967, it was a crime/thriller.

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