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Director : Jon Wright
Box Office:


 £700,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 £284,757 (UK) (24 May 2009) (234 Screens)


 £284,757 (UK) (24 May 2009
In 2009 I completed Tormented, a teen horror comedy and my first feature film. It was released in 230 UK cinemas, the first British film under £1 million to get a “studio level” release. - Jon Wright

In 2009 on the 22nd May, the film Tormented was released, directed by Jon Wright the 87 minute comedy/horror is the perfect example for a teen slasher. The film bases itself around a bullied schoolboy who comes back from the dead to haunt ans get revenge on those who bullied him and made his last living days a life of hell.
The Cast of Tormented 
It all starts when the head girl of the school Justine(Middleton) gives a speech at the funeral of teenage schoolmate Darren Mullet(Dean) who has just committed suicide, but she never knew who he was. Soon after she is invited by Alexis(Leonidas) to accompany him at a party which is being thrown by his friend Bradley(Pettyfer), he is the popular one of the gang and he was the main culprit when it came to the bullying. Justine soon finds out that the reason why Ex schoolmate Darren killed himself because of Bradley and his gang, severely bullied him, this included Alexis. They finally realise that Darren is back for his revenge when a member of the gang is murdered nearly everyday. The hunt is now on for Darren to kill each and everyone of them until they pay their price.
Watching Tormented has helped me to see how teenagers would react in that situation. Its different to Eden Lake, because unlike Tormented, The teenagers are the killer, where as in Tormented, they are the ones getting killed.
Every Characters Uniform shows their personalities.
The clothing is also different between the two films, tormented is based in school, therefore a uniform is used, but to show each of the characters different personalities, the uniform is shown differently with each character to give the audience a clear idea of who each character is meant to be portraying, for example Tasha (April Pearson) is wearing throughout the film, revealing clothing like short skirts, low cut tops, and for her school uniform, there is a similarity, short skirt, shirt unbuttoned to show unnecessary cleavage, and loose tie, the perfect example of the stereotypical 'bad girl'.
For the boys in the film, Bradley( Alex Pettyfer) also has his own style, untucked shirt, loose tie,
everything you'd expect from the 'popular boy' in school.
Even out of their uniforms they each have a
'Label' or a stereotypical branded name.
Tasha may be called a "Slag" for her
revealing clothing.


“Wright directs with bags of energy, realising he is in direct competition with Twitter, texting, or whatever else his low attention span target audience are liable to do in the dark” — Sky Movies 

“Unnervingly tuned to today's teen audience... Lashings of teenage humour, winning characters, adrenaline-pumping thrills, and a bass-thumping soundtrack” — 

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  1. the link to comment doesn't seem set to appear by default - ask me about this next week!
    i'll repeat what i commented on ellie's post: that tells us a little about the narrative, but what have you picked up about the media language used - shot types, costume, locations, props, sound, editing etc?
    when viewing, think about how you'd approach a test on semiotics, and use these terms to pick out clear examples of aspects of media language - perhaps shot types, editing of a sequence, use of sound, costume to denote character type etc - which are helping shape (or support) your own ideas
    this looks an interesting take on the genre, so narrative detail is fine, but you both need to look at the small detail - and think about how you can use images, video, hyperlinks etc to give your blogs the wow factor!


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