Thursday, 6 January 2011

Filming Arrangements

Currently myself and Ellie are just looking up extra research to help us with our final piece. We have completed storyboards, but still have to complete the FINAL storyboard, we have already looked up research from clips on YouTube from Hurtwood Media School, and also watched two films Eden Lake and Tormented, they both involve the typical teen genre so this helps us for our film as our cast are all going to be teenagers.
I have recently borrowed Cherry Falls which once again is your typical teen slasher, I am currently reading "A new heritage of Horror" which is written by David Pirie, I'm only focusing on small sections which will help me with my final piece.
Both myself and Ellie have sorted out the cast, location and script. We have set a date for the filming of our final piece which will be over a weekend period from 15th jan-16th.

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