Monday, 31 January 2011


Lori Campbell (Freddy VS. Jason)

For the casting we have related it too Freddy VS. Jason, all three girls in the film can really relate to the characteristics to the girls i'm wanting to portray in my own film

Rachel Harrison (17)

 We have chosen Rachel because she can relate to Lori Campbell who is the Final girl in Freddy VS. Jason. Lori Campbell has been portaryed as the 'Final girl' but she is blonde which is unusal as the sterereotypical blonde is a the usual 'Scream Queen' who is usually one of the first to get killed off in the film, reasons for this is because they have sinned, usually sexual reasons.
But Lori Campbell is one of the final characters to experience all the actions throughout the film.

Kia Waterson                                                       

For the characters who are portraying the victims, we have used Melodie Abraham and Annie Cutillo. They are between the ages of 16-18 and we used them because they looked very similar to the original characters anyway. The girls are dressed in clothes that they wore the night before, this shows that they have been out the previous night obviously drinking so this is a reason for them to be some of the first victims to die. This storyline is very similar to Freddy Vs Jason. 

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