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KM - Evaluation Question One

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    • Titles and credits (idents)
    • Establishing shot (often with blue tint for horror genre films)
    • Sound track, digetic or non digetic.
    • Tracking shots.
    • Mise-en-scene to provide anchorage of genre and the idea of the film.
    • Following one specific main character (protagonist)

Our two minute product 'No Hiding Place' occurred to us as our working title name, because it can be easily acknowledged and used as a realistic Hollywood style movie title. If I were to compare our product to any Hollywood movies, Freddy vs. Jason and IT would definitely relate. Using the theme of clowns, and a similar cast, we have looked in depth to use a variety of common resources that would occur in a typical slasher film.

Our original working title was going to be 'You Can Run But You Can't Hide', but once we looked at a variety of movie titles, we found short, "straight to the point" titles worked best and gave out an appropriate idea as an insight towards the film. 
'No Hiding Place' give an obvious idea to the audience as to what genre the film will be, and also give a curious vibe as to what the film itself will be about. In our opening two minutes a flashback occurs, this is to signify the past,  we used a black and white screening as these can be the typical colours people see when fainting occurs, maybe because danger is around? Also we used a fade out transition to show this is a specific memory to someone who cannot forget the past, these can be usually be shown as a good thing or a bad thing, in our case, bad.
Lori Campbell (Freddy vs. Jason)
 We know this is a bad memory due to the obvious heartbeat behind the opening clips, this also signifies that the memory creates tension in the characters mind, but as we keep the killer a secret this may give the character a sense of curiosity and vulnerability as to why her friend died and the thought of who was it who killed her?
This is the typical role of the 'The Final Girl'. The flashbacks and  psycho like behaviour can also relate to Lori Campbell in 'Freddy vs. Jason' because the basis of the film, she becomes crazy due to lack of sleep, and is fearing for her life, somethings our Final Girl Lucy can relate to.
Judith Butlers theory on the idea that we decide that we show the world we are male and female by the way we dress and that gender doesnt exist it is something we perform we as people are taught to be male or female from a young age.
We decided for the titles to go for a red text to signify seriousness and death (blood) although we went against the idea of Serif font because we wanted to show that a font choice cant make a huge difference to a production and we didn't want to give to much away as the titles are at the beginning of the opening we hoped this wouldnt form an oppositional reading for the viewers but we thought with the sound track over it that would provide sufficient anchorage involving high strings like Psycho. We have low and high notes throughout the opening which we hoped would signify binary oposition to the audience of the two customers in the salon althoguh we should of gone for the shot reverse shot when the two were talking to eahother to show binary oppositon better.

Untitled from katie mallows on Vimeo.
  • We used our idents so that they would tie in with the working title name, as you can see from the above, Secret Productions and No Hiding Place, both add mystery to the film so they can both relate really well to the genre.

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