Monday, 21 March 2011

KM - Evaluation Question Six

What Have You Learn't About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product?

From the very beginning, the basics have always become more advanced, for example turning a camera on and to be able to shoot a product based on genre, storyline and for it to actually make sense, does take alot of preparation but the outcomes great if you know how to use the programs available to you.

Apple mac computers had the variety of softwares we used to complete our two minute product. These incuded iMovie, LiveType and many more. IMovie was the main and most involved application that we used on the mac, it helped us edit clips, uploading the footage, adding transitions and sound effects as well as the soundtrack itself. Once you know what to click at the right time, the software is automatically a very simple friendly way to creating a product.

Blogging was the main source, when it came to research and planning, so we added posts, followed other blog's to look at existing work etc. Also we watched films based on our genre, or key ideas, so this also was included towards adding new posts on our blogs, to explain what we saw and if it effected our product through other ideas, cast, mise en scene etc.
For further research on specific genres, films, working titles, or even actors, IMDBYouTube and  Wikipedia, were the obvious, mosty used sites for this kind of information.

GarageBand logo
Watching a Horror/Slasher, we can all agree that the more intense the music, the more predictive it makes out that someone is going to get killed or a false scare may occur, so the soundtrack played an important part for our media production. Our final girl, gives the impression to the audience that she is traumatized by her best friends death, so she starts to show the obvious symptons of Schizophrenia. This may become obvious to the audience when the 'bedroom scene' takes place, hearing a small childs laughter, we used this because part of our main theme is 'clowns', we associated that with clowns at childrens birthday parties, and enjoyment, but also included it because with the slow echo effect it makes out that it is in her head. At the beginning of the two minutes a slow-like heartbeat backs the footage, this is too include tension and we then repeat this 'heartbeat' during the 'bedroom' scene. To create our own heartbeat noise, GarageBand is great for that, with its wide variety of instruments, music typing, and varied pitch noises, you should get the right sound for your product.

To conclude, the softwares, and resources we had available to us we used well, and now have opened up ideas to improve on using the applications for further use, into our future media products. Personally I feel, as a group, myself and Ellie, could have widened our resources, into research and gained more for our film, but this is useful to know now for future products.

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