Monday, 21 March 2011

KM - Evaluation Question Three

What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why?

Due to the fact we are a very low budget film company, we have a very Indie feel to our film, this is comparing ourselves to big film distributors such as Icon Fims, so we feel we would distribute our film through a very indie comapany, such as Independent Films, they are willing to put films such as mine, through to distribute if it has what it takes.
"The roots of independent film can be traced back to the filmmakers in the 1900s who resisted the control of a trust called the Motion Picture Patents Company."
Hollywood producers and film companies would not be interested in a like ours due to the fact we had no budget in the making of the film, and didn't have the highest quality of actors, locations or props, and they would possibly worry that our film would not earn profit back, but Indie companies, interest themselves, because each film has a specific target audience and they would take note that we may not have the best qualitie actors but a great storyline.

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