Monday, 21 March 2011

KM - Evaluation Question Two

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

For our media product, we have changed the typical stereotypes for a horror film slightly, especially for the sub-genre of a 'slasher'. 
In a typical horror film the scream queen is portrayed as blond, busty girl who is usually killed due to her sexually active role. We have two main female characters, one who plays a bigger role in the film, but is not shown throughout the whole opening only in the flashback. Annie Cutillo(Amber) is portrayed in our film as the 'Scream Queen', but does not fit the criteria of the typical busty blond.
  We have compared her character to Gibb, a sexually active brunette in 'Freddy vs. Jason'. This is because she is the first girl to get killed, so the audience can only assume she's done wrong to be the first to get killed off, and that would be a storyline following into the rest of 'No Hiding Place'.
Our next female character Sophie Dixon, is the 'Final Girl', but also has some of the 'Scream Queen' vulnerability in her, due to the death of her best friend.
Sophie (Lucy) fits, the criteria for a 'Final Girl', she wears suitable clothing throughout the film, Brunette, and plays a shy character rather than a 'slutty' character, which the typical 'Scream Queen' would knowing she has a boyfriend.
In our media product gender does not play a specific role, only due to the fact that in any typical slasher movie, their are strong gender stereotypes such as the 'Scream Queen' or the 'Final Girl'. But in our media film we have not kept to the same criteria that you would find for the 'Scream Queen'
If we were to complete our final media product, then it would become clear to the audience that the 'Final Girl', Sophie(Lucy) would hold most of the criteria that you would put forward for the typical vulnerable, last female character.
As we have focused on a teen slasher to young adults aged (15-24), we have used our cast between the ages on (16-18) to make it easier for our target audience to relate. This intensify's, the whole film, and as we have put our 'Final Girl' character in a mental like state, this makes the target audience 'fear' and 'scare' for themselves, as they cannot ever imagine themselves in the same sought of situation.
For our original media product, the ethnicity was mixed between both black and white dominant, but having changed the plot altogether we completely changed the cast that fit our new plot criteria. But if the film were to carry on and take place, the film would of become more culturally diverse, as it is now the norm to see more ethnic backgrounds mixing into a film.
We used two locations for our media product, both neither that are working class or upper middle class, we used a social class that represented the norm for teenagers, so we found a balance in between the two.
Tormented is a good example for teens at different social classes, as you can see in the picture at the side, their sense of dress, can reflect on personalities and social class. Also the group is more white ethnic but still does reflect on culture.

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